Dam Safety

lives and land.

Dam safety demands proactive action. Our dedicated dam safety engineers bring established relationships with regulatory agencies and practical knowledge of industry standards, resulting in thorough inspections, comprehensive reviews, and effective monitoring plans. We are shaping the future of the industry by contributing to the development of industry guidelines and teaching dam safety courses. You can rest easy knowing we are doing all we can to keep your communities safe and sound.

scopes of work

We've got you covered.

  • FERC Part 12D inspections and reports
  • Canadian Dam Association (CDA) Dam Safety Reviews (DSRs)
  • State-regulated dam inspections and reports (e.g., California DSOD, etc.)
  • FERC-approved Independent Consultants (IC)
  • Owner’s Dam Safety Programs (ODSPs) and audits
  • Chief Dam Safety Engineer (CDSE) services (FERC-compliant activities)
  • Dam engineering services and construction to implement dam safety suggestions
  • Risk analyses facilitation and participation:
  • ~~Potential Failure Mode Analyses (PFMAs)
  • ~~Semi-Quantitative Risk Analyses (SQRAs)
  • ~~Quantitative Risk Analyses (QRAs)
  • ~~Risk priority numbers for dam safety planning
  • ~~Portfolio risk assessments and Risk Informed Decision Making (RIDM)
  • Dam breach/break analysis and inundtion mapping (HEC-RAS 2D and Arc map)
  • Inflow Design Flood (IDF) analysis (HEC-RAS 2D and HEC-HMS)
  • Emergency Action Plans (EAPs), tabletop and functional exercises, and reporting
  • Supporting Technical Information Documents (STID)
  • Surveillance and Monitoring Plans/Reports (DSSMP/DSSMR)
  • Dam and gate safety inspections including FERC Appendix L radial gate assessments
  • Spillway condition assessments
  • Incremental damage/consequence assessments
  • Dam hazard classification (including high-hazard dams)
  • Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) analysis with overtopping scenarios
Dam Safety work.