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As climate and manmade changes alter our critical resources and watersheds, we’re here to help you plan now and into the future. We evaluate the possibilities for new sources of water, safeguard waterways, and comply with environmental regulations. Our studies, analyses, and plans promote the reliability of sufficient water supply for today and tomorrow.

scopes of work

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  • Master planning including assessment of water supply, quality, location, and needs in the area
  • Potential revenue-generating energy opportunities or dams for recreational water storage
  • Identification of permitting or regulatory requirements
  • Watershed plans
  • Biological assessments
  • Habitat suitability modeling
  • Concept design and alternatives with cost/benefit analysis
  • Floodproofing or floodplain properties
  • Existing infrastructure assessments (e.g., dams, water control and delivery structures, and irrigation diversions and pump stations)
  • Environmental design components (e.g., fish screens and ladders)
  • Public involvement and stakeholder negotiations
  • Environmental Impact Statements (EISs)
  • Environmental Assessment (EA)
  • Emergency Watershed Protection Program (EWPP) services
  • Climate resilience alternatives (e.g., wetlands creation and managed aquifer projects)
  • Water supply forecasting groundwater flow
  • Hydrology analysis and geomorphology (flow volumes, frequency analysis, flow duration, hydrologic modeling (HEC-HMS), and hydrologic statistics (HEC-SSP)
  • Hydraulic analysis for water delivery systems (open channel flow, hydraulic modeling (HEC-RAS 1D and 2D), outlet/spillway capacity, stage discharge-curves, and energy dissipation performance)
  • Sediment transport modeling
  • FEMA flood mapping, no-rise evaluations, CLOMR and LOMR
  • Clean Water Act (CWA) compliance (Section 401 certification, Section 404 permits)
  • Water quality analysis, modeling, testing, and monitoring
Water Resource Planning work.