Hydropower & Pumped Storage

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Harnessing the power of water is no easy task. Rather than try to control it, we respect it, study it, and implement measures that maximize output. Our curious and highly technical engineers take pride in investigating the feasibility of a new facility or optimizing existing operations—no job is too big. Their drive results in solutions with an owner’s perspective, extending the life of existing facilities, increasing energy output, and enhancing safety. For clients this means mitigated environmental impacts, regulatory compliance, lowered capital cost, and decreased operation and maintenance costs.

scopes of work

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  • Energy studies including new greenfield site evaluations/planning and identification of revenue opportunities
  • Due diligence and reviews/assessments for buyers and sellers or decommissioning
  • Generation production estimates and uprate studies
  • Resiliency and decarbonization planning
  • Fish passage and restoration
  • Asset management and upgrades and capital improvement plans
  • Design and construction of facility expansions and modernization
  • Dams, gates, valves, outlets, intakes, and debris management systems
  • FERC coordination/support and compliance (e.g., dam safety and regulatory and relicensing)
  • Turbine/generator and Balance of Plant (BOP) upgrades
  • Equipment procurement and coordination with specialty vendors including fabrication shop inspections
  • Generator and excitation systems, lighting, instrumentation and controls (SCADA/PLC) systems, substation, transmission tie-in, switchyards, and digital governor upgrades
  • Powerhouse crane assessments and rehabilitation or replacement design
  • Powerhouse and pumping station structural stability analysis
  • Testing, commissioning, and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) support
  • Integration of other types of renewable energy (solar, battery, tidal, or wind)
  • Powerhouse fire life safety (suppression including hybrid suppression systems, alarms and mass notification, smoke detection and controls, HVAC for smoke management, and access control)
  • General hydrologic analysis (flow volumes, frequency analysis, flow duration, hydrologic modeling (HEC-HMS), and hydrologic statistics (HEC-SSP)
  • General hydraulic analysis (open channel flow, hydraulic modeling (HEC-RAS 1D and 2D), outlet/spillway capacity, stage discharge-curves, and energy dissipation performance)
  • Probable Maximum Flood (PMF) analysis with overtopping scenarios
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling (Flow-3D)
  • Hydraulic transient analysis - cavitation, water hammer, surge analysis, (AFT impulse)
  • Pressurized pipe flow models, pipe network modeling, penstock, inspections, and repair
  • Cofferdams and dewatering
  • All heavy civil work including access roads and bridges
  • All concrete and steel structure installation
Hydropower & Pumped Storage work.