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Evolugen by Brookfield Renewable owns and operates seven dams in British Columbia (BC), Canada. Operation of these facilities comes with inherent risks associated with dam safety. McMillen leads the dam safety engineering work, allowing Evolugen to focus on sustainable dam operation while safeguarding communities, respecting the environment, providing recreational experiences, and supplying renewable energy to the BC grid.

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McMillen has been providing dam safety services for Evolugen since 2017. Work includes dam safety inspections, hydrotechnical/civil/geotechnical design-based assessments, instrumentation and monitoring assessments and installations, and development of Operation, Maintenance, and Surveillance (OMS) manuals and Emergency Action Plans (EAPs). 

Kokish River Hydroelectric Facility.

Commissioned in 2014, Kokish is an award-winning facility equipped with a fish ladder and screens to protect and enhance the biodiversity of the Kokish River. McMillen began working at this site in 2017 and has provided reviews and recommendations to improve the facility and keep it operating safely. McMillen has performed dam safety inspections, instrumentation reviews and analyses, and penstock inspections. Our team also developed the OMS manual.  

Hystad Creek Hydroelectric Facility.

Located on a tributary of the McLennan River system, the Hystad hydroelectric project employs a concrete gravity dam. McMillen has performed annual dam safety inspections, headpond liner repair support, single device isolation certification for Hystad's intake, access road slide repair construction support, and support for new culvert installation and water management infrastructure.  Recommendations for necessary repair works are developed and addressed to keep the small hydro facility producing power for the provincial electricity grid.

East Twin Creek Hydroelectric Facility.

The East Twin hydroelectric project is located in a steep gorge near McBride, BC. McMillen has performed annual dam safety inspections, a rock scaling assessment, and implementation work at this facility. The goal of the inspections, recommendations, and repairs is to keep the dam operational and ensure maintenance personnel are safe when working under the steep slopes.

Powell Lake and Lois Lake Hydroelectric Facilities.

Powell and Lois Lake Dams are high-hazard consequence facilities with people and significant infrastructure within their potential breach areas. Evaluation of operational and safety performance of these dams is a critical component of protecting the public and the environment.

Work at Powell Lake included:

  • Dam safety inspections and reviews
  • Debris boom evaluations
  • Development and presentation of safety training
  • Assisting with development of intake gate maintenance checks 
  • Special inspections to characterize the rock scour in the spillway outlet channel
  • Inspections and review of the concrete penstock
  • Inspections and evaluation of the adit drain
  • Assessment of settlement at the powerhouse
  • Upstream and downstream ROV and drone inspections
  • Piezometer data review and analysis 

Work at Lois Lake included:

  • Dam safety inspections and reviews 
  • Debris boom evaluations
  • Inspection and evaluation of the right abutment immediately downstream of the spillway
  • Development and presentation of safety training
  • Penstock inspections
  • Gate hoist structural reviews 
  • Intake gate maintenance checks 
  • Upstream and downstream ROV and drone inspections
  • V-notch weir repair recommendations

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