Lake Brazos Dam Embankment Repairs and Outlet Upgrades

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Waco, TX
City of Waco
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Located near downtown Waco, Texas, Lake Brazos Dam stands as a major structure along the Brazos River. Major flooding events have imposed considerable damage upon the dam embankment. To avert the risk of failure, substantial improvements to the earthen embankment and outlet structure systems were imperative to protect the community from potential disruptions and secure the long-term structural integrity of the dam.

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As the general contractor, McMillen repaired the outlet works dewatering system, including new actuators, steel outlet pipes, and electrical upgrades at the outlet basin. Additionally, the embankment underwent significant rework, involving the placement of compacted fill and the installation of a new concrete drive and turf reinforcement matting and vegetation. The project also required improvements to the right overlook section, such as leveling concrete, the installation of a new guardrail, fencing, and lighting.

The steel slide gate and concrete deck were demolished and removed, followed by the installation of a new reinforced concrete platform, crane, stoplogs, and a dewatering building. The project involved the installation of an aggregate fill foundation, a reinforced concrete outlet basin with baffle blocks, a drain system, and grouted riprap downstream. 

We also provided supporting engineering services including the design for the brackets and supports on the construction cofferdam used to dewater areas upstream.

Through these comprehensive repairs and improvements, McMillen successfully enhanced the functionality and structural integrity of Lake Brazos Dam.


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